Disintegrating Syria Part of Zionist Plan to Remove Any Strong Arab State

Springmann is an interesting guy, who tends to support conspiracy theories. For example, the al Qaeda attack on 9/11 was a CIA operation. The Iranians, and Fars is an official Iranian mouthpiece, love to find these guys in the West and provide them with a platform, when whatever theories they are pushing dovetails with Iranian policy. Such people have always existed. During WWII they were considered traitors. During the Cold War, they were considered dupes.

What’s so interesting about this line of argument, is that it must mean that the Turks and the Gulf Arabs are all working with those tricky Zionists! Really? Do you believe that?

Michael Springmann, in an exclusive interview with FNA, said that destabilization and disintegration of Syria is part of the Zionist plan to remove any strong Arab state to ensure the security of the Zionist regime and also to make sure that Syria would never reclaim its lands already occupied by the regime.


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