What a waste

Really! Is this the face of Social Justice Warriors protesting? You stand a meter from some poor barista and shout at him with a bull horn? Well, he does have White Privilege, and he is working for that–now–evil corporation Starbucks. So I guess this is appropriate, or idiotic. Take your pick.

The sad thing for Starbucks is that the corporation is not going to get any positive push back from people on the Right rallying to its defense, as happened, for example, with Chuck-fil-A, or Laura Ingraham. People on the Right long ago wrote off Starbucks as Lefty. I used to have a treasured Gold card, but the past two years I’ve only been to a Starbucks when I flew, and that means twice in two years.

But as I’ve posted so many times: when everything is racist, nothing is racist! And, for me at least, I truly have a problem believing that Starbucks is actually racist. What they are is a place of business struggling to keep its restrooms clean for its customers. The reality of such a policy (and I speak from personal experience) is that you have busy part time, near minimum wage employees enforcing a policy, and realistically making exceptions to that policy, on the fly. Who do you allow in? Who don’t you allow in? And that depends largely on who it was that you last let in that made you regret your decision. Or put another way, who made the mess that you had to clean up?

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