Jew attacked in Berlin!

Arab youths? Attacking a Jew? But Muslims love Jews, or so we are told. But the reality is that they do not love Jews. And the other reality is that as more Muslims move into Western societies, anti-Semitism increases. And if we work at it, here in the US we can also import a rise in anti-Semitism. Just consider it “diversity”!

A video has emerged showing an Arab youth attacking two Jewish men in broad daylight on the streets of Berlin on Tuesday.

The attack happened at around 8pm on Tuesday evening in the Prenzlauer Berg district, police report.

The two Jewish men who were reportedly wearing kippahs, were verbally attacked by a group of three youths, who used anti-Semitic epithets against them.

One youth then emerged from the group of three young men and attacked a 21-year-old Israeli with his belt, while shouting “Jew” at him.

The victims of the attack were able to record footage of it on a mobile phone, which was later published on Facebook by the Jewish Forum for Democracy (JFDA).

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