Sweden’s deadly problem with hand grenades?

This is an interesting article. The authors work diligently to avoid linking the sudden uptick in grenade attacks to the migration crisis.

The violence has turned some parts of Stockholm into “no-go zones” for paramedics, says Henrik Johansson, former head of Sweden’s paramedics union.

“People who live in these areas are very scared to call the police or get help from ambulances. They are scared about consequences for them and their families.”

Police have acknowledged 60 or so “vulnerable areas” but reject the description of “no-go zones”, a highly loaded term in Sweden.

After all, violent crime in Sweden and who is to blame for it has become an ideological battlefield.

Nevertheless, the authors admit that the Swedes, on a per capita basis, took in more migrants than other European countries. And in a link at the bottom, you’ll be taken to another BBC article about how Sweden produced, again on a per capita basis, more jihadis for the Islamic state than any other European country. So, these facts might well suggest that there are myriad Muslims in Sweden prone to violent behavior, for example, grenade attacks.

But the BBC cannot bring itself to actually say that. After all, that was a claim made by Donald Trump.


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