As always! It’s the Jews!

The Islamic world is replete with anti-Semites, and the concentration appears to be the highest in Iran. When in doubt, blame the Jews! When anything goes wrong, blame the Jews! When the sun sets, blame the Jews!

Sheikh Abdul-Latif in his meeting with visiting Iranian Minister of Culture and Islamic Guidance Abbas Salehi reiterated that the Islamic nations will stand against the Zionist regime of Israel and foil its plots against Muslim nations.

We are quite aware of the enemy plots aimed at fanning religious seditions and making the Islamic countries to leave the scene, he said.

All the Arab and Islamic nations are in the crosshairs of the Zionists and they should remain to be vigilant and maintain their unity of word, he added.

The Iranian minister, for his part, said that creation of the Zionist regime of Israel in the 1940s and promotion of the Takfiri terrorism in the region over the past decade are evidence to attempts aimed at creating rifts among Muslim nations and fanning religious seditions in order to disintegrate the Islamic countries.

They launched a massive plot in Iraq to turn the country into a hub for promotion of religious seditions, Abbas Salehi said.

But theiy failed to achieve their ends because of the vigilance of the Iraqi people and the country’s religious and political leaders, he stressed.

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