Houthis firing more missiles into Saudi Arabia

The Houthis, of course, do not have the means to produce their own missiles. So, quite obviously, the missiles have to be imported into areas of Yemen, controlled by the Houthis. And which country supports the Houthis, and manufactures missiles? Hmm. IRAN! This is, of course, no secret, although the Iranians continue to deny it. Or put another way, the Iranians continue to lie. The Original Islamic State has never placed a premium on honesty.

Saudi Arabian air defense forces have intercepted a Houthi ballistic missile targeting Saudi Arabia’s Jazan city on Friday.

On April 16, the Arab Coalition forces said that the Houthi militia in Yemen have launched more than 100 missiles against Saudi Arabia. Saudi air defense forces were able to intercept most of them.

Spokesman for the Arab Coalition forces fighting in Yemen, Col. Turki al-Maliki, confirmed a press conference on Monday that the militia have to date fired 119 ballistic missiles against Saudi Arabia.

He also warned that a painful military initiative would be taken against the Houthis if the kingdom continued to be threatened.


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