Intersectionality forces Progressives to march toward anti-Semitism!

Intersectionality is inevitably leading the Left into anti-Semitism. Sarsour’s demand that the ADL be excluded from Starbuck’s racial sensitivity training effort is the perfect example of what I’ve long been arguing. Progressives, eager to remain in-step with Islamists, will have to turn on the Jews.

We see this all the time. Right now, Islamist apologist Linda Sarsour is attempting to get the Anti-Defamation League expelled from the coalition advising Starbucks on racial sensitivity training that they are conducting in the wake of their recent scandal. (A manager at a branch of the coffee conglomerate called the cops to kick out two black men for not ordering anything while waiting for their friend. Since the incident, Starbucks declared a day of racial sensitivity training for its staff and partnered with several NGOs to help, including the ADL.)

But Sarsour was having none of it, and is now attacking Starbucks for having the ADL involved.

Is it because she objects to something the ADL has done over its 100 years of service at the forefront of campaigning against discrimination in the United States?

No. It’s because ADL is unapologetically Zionist.

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