BLAME THE JEWS! Israeli occupation of Palestine central to all conflicts in Middle East

So claim the Iranians, and, unfortunately, many Western academics. But this claim, no matter how often repeated, is total bull. As we all know, before the creation of Israel in 1948, the Islamic world was known for its peace and harmony! All Muslims loved each other. Muslims never allowed their differences to cause hostilities. The Ottomans and Persian Empires never fought a war. Christians were never slaughtered in places like Armenia!

When I taught FTF, I would ask my students: If Allah swept his hand over the region as we sleep tonight, and Israel and all its Jews were to simply disappear, do you think the Middle East would suddenly find peace? Would the fighting stop in Syria? Yemen? Libya? Egypt? Somalia? Sudan? Afghanistan? Pakistan? Algeria? Mali? You get the point, I hope. And the answer is obvious! And yet semester after semester I have students who have been taught just this by their professors.

In many ways, this big lie is nothing more than another form of antisemitism. Look at the Middle East. It’s a huge mess. Why? BLAME THE JEWS!!!!!!

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