Fun watching the Left contort in defense of Joy Reid

I have to admit that I’m really enjoying watching people on the Left go through huge contortions in an effort to defend one of their favorite media journalists activists as her myriad homophobia statements re-appear on the web. I find her defense, that she’s been hacked, also rather amazing. Wasn’t that the same defense Anthony Wiener tried, unsuccessfully?

The latest set of posts involves Reid slashing Rosie, back in the day when Joy favored Trump.

“How much longer until that chubbed-out shrew Rosie O’Donnell gets her fat ass canned by Babwa?” Reid asked, in an imitation of “The View” co-host Barbara Walters’ first name.

“How much longer will the freak show that is ‘The View’ continue to darken our television screens?” she continued. “How much more kick-ass funny can Donald Trump be???”

Reid continued to say that unlike Walters, she was not neutral in the debate. “I’m for square for The Donald on this one…” she wrote.

She then linked to a Trump open letter attacking O’Donnell, with the comment. “Here it is, but bigger… heehee…”

It goes without saying that if Reid was a lying Conservative, and these old anti-gay posts surfaced, she’d be toast! But Reid is a valued anti-Trump, Progressive, and African-American activists, posing as a journalist, so NBC and the Left continue to defend her.

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