Khamenei calls on all the world’s Muslims to unite against the US

The message here is clear! Live the Qur’an as written, and as interpreted by Iran’s Shi’a Ayatollahs, or “be humiliated.” The first problem, of course, is that the Shi’a interpretation is a minority interpretation of Islam. The other problem is that if Muslims do actually start interpreting the Qur’an as Khamenei would like, then the Islamophobes would be proven correct.

“Muslims should stand firmly against the bullyings by the US and other domineering powers. If they don’t observe that, they will be humiliated,” he said.

“That the US president shamelessly says, ‘without the US, heads of some Arab states cannot maintain themselves even for a week’, is a humiliation for Muslims,” he noted.

“The issue of Quran is a perpetual issue of the world of Islam and Islamic ummah (Nation). If the Islamic nation turn away from the Quran and not benefit from it, they will suffer a blow— just as they did previously.”

“Today there’s an internal war in our Islamic region, as unwise and reactionary governments of certain countries have entered into wars against other countries.”

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