First Amendment rights only exist if what you say is Lefty Group-think!!!!

I previously posted about Randa Jarrar keeping her job because of a determination by Fresno State that she was exercising her first amendment rights.Jarrar verbally assaulted a dead former first lady. What did Card have the temerity to say?

“I strongly believe that reinforcing the current myth that individuals are likely to be damaged by exposure to expressions that they find offensive, and thus require pampering, is a disservice to our students and our profession,” he began.

OMG! There’s no place FOR HIM at the university! What about all that First Amendment crap Fresno State used to justify not taking action against Jarrar? Gone with the wind! In this country today, you have First Amendment rights as long as you say the proper things.

A former adjunct professor says Syracuse University told him he is no longer qualified to teach students after he challenged the response to a recent fraternity scandal by arguing that “coddling” students does them a disservice.

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