Kanye holds his ground with new song!

As I’ve asked before, who will be the first to call Kanye an “Uncle Tom”? This is not good for the Left. The story is getting a lot of press, and it’s even been a lead on the BBC website. Maybe it’s nothing; maybe it’s the proverbial crack in the dyke. We shall see.

The song, Ye vs. the People, is a collaboration with rapper T.I. in which the Chicago-born rapper is defending his recent political Twitter rants, while T.I. appears to represent the voices of Kanye’s fans and famous friends who have been on edge in light of his public support of Trump.

The song was was released Friday night, just hours after the rapper trolled the internet with the song Lift Yourself – which lacked in lyricism.

Kanye starts the song saying: ‘I know Obama was Heaven-sent/ But ever since Trump won it proved that I could be President,’ and continues going back and forth with T.I.


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