Randa Jarrar will keep her six-figure salary!

No surprise here. And I agree! Professors should be able to say what they think. My wish is that such allowances were distributed evenly between professors who say things from the Left and those that say things from the right.

In fact, I love seeing stories akin to the Randa Jarrar tale. While she will keep her job, and no doubt feel empowered to keep saying the horrible things she says, she, and other Lefties like her, through their actions will continue the process of the erosion of public support for higher education. While she will keep her $100k+ salary, her actions convince taxpayers across the country to no longer support higher education. In other words, in the long run the Jarrars of American academia are gutting their own establishment.

There’s an old saying that you don’t shit where you sleep. Too many Progressive professors have forgotten that old adage.

“After completing this process, we have concluded that Professor Jarrar did not violate any CSU or university policies and that she was acting in a private capacity and speaking about a public matter on her personal Twitter account,” he explained. “Her comments, although disgraceful, are protected free speech under the First Amendment of the U.S. Constitution.

“Additionally, although Professor Jarrar used tenure to defend her behavior, this private action is an issue of free speech and not related to her job or tenure,” Castro added. “Therefore, the university does not have justification to support taking any disciplinary action.”



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