Rights group calls for arms embargo on Israel over Gaza riots

What, exactly, are the Israelis supposed to do? Allow these people to simply wander across the border and move about in Israel? How is that likely to play out? The Palestinians know what’s going to happen when they do what they do. That’s why they do it! Because they know the world’s Progressives will attack Israel for trying to defend itself. Jews are not allowed to defend themselves.

What would the Left do if Germans began a march of return into the Czech Sudetenland? Would the EU expect the Czechs to sit by and watch the Germans cross the border and move about in their old historic territory?  Of course not. But then the Czechs and Germans aren’t Jews.

In a statement Friday, Amnesty International accused Israel of carrying out a “murderous assault” on Palestinians participating in the violent “March of Return” protests, which have seen participants burn tires, throw rocks and firebombs at Israeli troops, fly flaming kites over the border, and attempt to destroy the border fence.


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