Pro-Life is a form of White Supremacy!

These fools have it backwards. A disproportionate percentage of all babies aborted are, in fact, Black. If any group could be indirectly associated with White Supremacy, it would be the pro-Choice groups. They are the one’s pushing the aborting of Black babies.

As I’ve often said, if the Republicans were the one’s pushing a pro-choice agenda, one that results in an abortion rate for Blacks nearly three times their percentage of the population, what is usually termed “disparate impact,” the Democrats would be accusing the Republicans, rightly, of genocide.

  • A member of the pro-abortion club at the University of Minnesota-Duluth condemned the “pale faces” of the pro-life movement during an open mic event last week.
  • The student also framed the pro-life movement as one that upholds white supremacy, and urged attendees to “rise up and rip white supremacy from its roots.”

3 thoughts on “Pro-Life is a form of White Supremacy!

    • I suspect we differ on the issue, but I agree that race is not the issue. My point was that if the Left tries to make race the issue, race is more likely to cut against the pro-choice movement than the pro-life movement.


      • Yeah I’ve seen recently in a few different places the idea that abortion is an intersectional issue, which I think is highly autistic. Just the left trying to pander to minorities and the “oppressed” like always.
        I stand up for pro-choice but not for having to resort to silly arguments like that.


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