Arab opinion: Korean events bad news for Khamenei!

Interesting linkage between events in Korea and the Gulf. If, if, Kim is serious, such a move will greatly increase the pressures on an isolated Iranian regime.

Let’s assume that what we have heard from him reflects a new policy, and that North Korea has decided to become a peaceful country without nuclear weapons and to reconcile with its sister South Korea. What would happen to Iran? What would happen would be a huge political coup and a great international affair, and its effects would reach distant areas, including our region.

There are two countries in the world that have kept the international community busy and been a threat to peace: North Korea and Iran. With Pyongyang’s withdrawal, Tehran would be alone, and it would be easy to put pressure on it, forcing it to stop its nuclear project and adjust its bad regional behavior. The news alone would weaken Iran and strengthen the United States and its allies.

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