Abbas is a lying anti-Semite!

And people wonder why the Israelis don’t make peace with these Bozos.

1) Koestler’s book came out in the mid-1970s, and most scholars didn’t buy his argument then. It has since been debunked by DNA analysis. Ashkenazi Jews are genetically Jews, and not Khazar converts.

2) Really? Blaming the Holocaust on Jewish behavior? That’s a mainstream anti-semitic tactic.

3) And then he drags out the old Balfour story about European imperialism. Give it a break. Zionist led, Jewish immigration into Palestine began in the second half of the nineteenth century under the Ottomans. It was the result of reforms (Tanzimat) in the Ottoman Empire that extended equal Ottoman citizenship to all ethnic groups, including the Jews. That allowed Jews to own, buy, and sell land, and they started buying land in what we now call Palestine. European, and a few Americans Jews, started immigrating into Palestine under the Muslim Ottomans, who were ruled by their Sultan/Khalifa! When The Great War interrupted that process of Jewish immigration, the Zionists asked the British for a commitment to resume immigration, not begin it! That’s what the Balfour Declaration was: an affirmation that Jews, who had been immigrating into the area for a half-century under the Ottomans, could resume that effort under the British.

Keep in mind, Abbas is the leader of the PA. How can the Israelis deal with a guy who publicly admits to believing this crap?

Abbas said his narrative was backed by three points made by Jewish writers and historians, the first being the theory oft-criticized as anti-Semitic that Ashkenazi Jews are not the descendants of the ancient Israelites.

Pointing to Arthur Kessler’s book “The Thirteenth Tribe,” which asserts Ashkenazi Jews are descended from Khazars, Abbas said European Jews therefore had “no historical ties” to the Land of Israel.

He went on to claim that the Holocaust was not the result of anti-Semitism but rather of the Jews “social behavior, [charging] interest, and financial matters.”

Abbas also claimed Israel was a European project from the start, saying that European leaders such as the United Kingdom’s Lord Arthur Balfour restricted the immigration of Jews to their countries while simultaneously promoting the immigration of Jews to the Land of Israel.

The 1917 Balfour Declaration endorsed the idea of a Jewish state in the Land of Israel.

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