Positions hardening against immigration!

The Left is waging this battle for immigration, legal and illegal, along several fronts–DACA, Green cards, naturalization of existing illegal immigrants, and procedures to insure the arrival of many more. Apparently, this public debate is not producing increased support for immigration, quite the opposite.

Proposals to reduce legal immigration, give preferences to immigrants with advanced skills and education, and crack down on companies that hire illegal immigrants are often considered “extreme” in the nation’s capital.

But throughout most of the rest of America, they are common sense, according to a new poll measuring voter sentiment on the contentious issues ahead of this year’s midterm elections….

Some highlights of the poll results include:

  • Fifty-nine percent said new immigrants should be able to bring in their spouses and minor children, but not extended family members.
  • When respondents were told the United States awards 1 million green cards a year and given six different choices for possible immigration levels, the most popular range was 250,000 or less. Nearly half — 49 percent — chose that option, which is well below any proposed to date by politicians in Washington. Only 17 percent chose the status quo or an immigration increase.
  • Told Congress is considering eliminating 250,000 “chain migration” visas a year, respondents by a margin of 53 percent to 24 percent favored reducing immigration rather than redistributing those visas to allow businesses to bring in more foreign workers.
  • By a margin of 52 percent to 24 percent, respondents favored requiring all businesses to use the E-Verity system to check the legal status of new hires under legislation to grant amnesty to young adult illegal immigrants who came to America as children.
  • By a margin of 63 percent to 20 percent, respondents rejected granting amnesty to the young illegal immigrants if the legislation kept the status quo on chain migration, E-Verify, and current immigration levels.

Pluralities and majorities among Republicans, Democrats and independents, along with Hispanics, held those views on nearly every question.


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