Blacks underrepresented in Tech world?

Yep! But read this paragraph closely. Whites are about 50% of the work force. But Whites make up about 70% if the US population. So, in fact, Blacks and Whites are underrepresented! Okay! So who must be over represented? Native Americans? Latinos? I doubt it. Want to guess? How about Asians? You bet! So if the tech companies are forced to hire more Blacks, who will not be hired? Probably Asians. But aren’t they minorities? Aren’t they people of color? Is this problem one of “racism,” or one of the failure of the American education system for Blacks and Whites?

Morial said that the latest Equal Employment Opportunity reports filed by Google, Facebook and Twitter showed that only 758, or 1.8 percent, of their combined workforce of 41,000 employees, were black. And their own research showed that in the majority of tech companies, fewer than five percent of the workforce is black, while at least half of the workforce is white.

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