Bibi: Face Iran now rather than later?

If you believe that Iran, either under the guise of the Nuke Deal, or outside the Nuke Deal, will lie, cheat, and eventually construct a nuclear weapon, which Bibi Netanyahu obviously believes to be the case, then he quite correct! Why wait until Iran actually possesses nuclear weapons? Why wait until Iran has fully developed its ballistic missiles that will allow it to target Israel? Why wait until Iran has secured its position in Syria with an Assad victory in the civil war? Better now than later! Better now that Trump is president, than later when some new Obama-like Democrat is in the White House?


Israel will do what’s needed to block Iranian aggression, sooner rather than later, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said Sunday.

“Nations that didn’t act in time against murderous aggression against them paid a much higher price later on,” said Netanyahu, who often invokes European powers’ 1938 agreement to let Nazi Germany annex portions of Czechoslovakia. “We don’t seek escalation, but are prepared for any scenario.”

Frictions between Israel and Iran have escalated in the runup to President Donald Trump’s decision this month whether to quit the Iran nuclear deal, and Netanyahu’s comments reinforced concerns that the two Middle East powers might clash directly in Syria, Iran’s client. Other Israeli officials have suggested that a withdrawal from the accord and renewed U.S. sanctions could either bring Iran back to the negotiating table with a weaker hand, or even lead to regime change.

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