Playing ball in Philly: getting cursed by 9-year/olds!

Eli Manning: You have to get used to playing in Philadelphia – 247 Sports

Eli Manning wasn’t exactly prepared for his first road game against the Philadelphia Eagles and what the fans might say to him. Over time, the New York Giants franchise quarterback got used to the Eagles fan “treatment” and learned to tune it out. Having said that, to this day, he considers his annual road game against the Eagles as one of his most highly-anticipated matchups of the regular season. ”Philly, you just gotta get used to,” Manning said in an exclusive interview with Steiner Sports when asked about what teams he most looks forward to playing against. “It takes a little while to get used to in Philly because you’re not used to seeing a 9-year-old cursing at you and talking about my mom and stuff. Once you get used to it, it’s fine. It just takes a year or two. Now, he’s 24 (years old) and training his four-year-old to curse at me.”

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