Child raped! No description of rapists! Wonder why?

We can be sure that the three men were not blonde, blue eyed, Nordic types. If they were, the police would be eager as hell to release the descriptions.

A 10-year-old girl was attacked by three men after she left school and was on her way home. The child was raped at a cemetery in Östervåla, Sweden’s Aftonbladet reports.

It was Thursday, around 3 pm, that the terrible incident occurred. According to the police three perpetrators were involved. At least one of them raped the girl.

“No person has been arrested but we have received a good description of the perpetrators. We do not want to publish it in the media”, says police investigator Daniel Nilsson to SVT.

The site has been locked off for a technical examination. Among other things, police dogs have searched the site for technical evidence.

According to Nilsson, there’s a clear picture of what has happened and there is “no doubt” that the crime occurred at the cemetery. Nilsson adds he doesn’t want to give more comments on the case now.

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