This is a disgrace! 1984 is alive and well at the University of Michigan!

I remember as a kid reading about Communist and Nazi dictatorships used neighbors to report on neighbors in an effort to keep everyone in line, in the party’s chosen line. I never believed that one day, in my lifetime, a major American university would institute such as system, virtually begging students to report their fellow students for “bias,” defined by the university as follows: “The most important indication of bias is your own feelings. ” That’s right! You can start an investigation of a fellow student, or a faculty member, or maybe a cleaning person, if you “feel” that what they said reflects bias!

So call the phone number! Fill out the form! Become a secret policeman for the Progressive movement.

Bias comes in many forms. It can be a hurtful action based on who someone is as a person. The most important indication of bias is your own feelings. If you feel like you may have experienced something that is wrong and would like to discuss the incident, please call 734-615-BIAS (2427).

Creating and maintaining a respectful and welcoming environment for all to live, learn, work and thrive is a priority at the University of Michigan (U-M). A group of professional staff, the Bias Response Team (BRT), focuses on the response and management of bias incidents.

Bias incident reports by U-M students, faculty and staff are addressed by the Bias Response Team. The Bias Response Team is committed to providing support for those who have been targets of or impacted by a bias incident. The BRT works to ensure that appropriate university resources and expertise are consulted and utilized as incidents impacting the community occur.

One thought on “This is a disgrace! 1984 is alive and well at the University of Michigan!

  1. let’s circulate the phone number and start reporting people like Maxine Waters, Nancy Pelosi, Chuckie Schumer and Eric (slap your face) Schneiderman! Flood the phone lines!


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