Europe joins the “resistance”? Really?

The Euroweenies will do what they always do. And they don’t do it smartly, or very well. That’s why we still have US troops in Europe over seventy-years after World War II.

To an extent they do face a difficult choice, thanks to Donald Trump. They can side with the US in its contest with the Islamic Republic of Iran, which is, let’s keep in mind, a major exporter of terrorism and is supported by Vladimir Putin’s Russia, or they can support Iran. It appears that the Euroweenies, because of their disdain for Trump (so evident in this editorial), are going to line up with Iran. Think about that for a second. Do they so dislike Trump, that they’ll back a leading global terrorist state? Are they so disdainful of Trump, that they are willing to distance themselves from the US and take a position favored by Russia?

Europe, well let’s be honest, Western Europe, is playing a dangerous game. The danger lies in creating space between the US and its NATO allies while Russia lurks to the east. Who knows, as of yet, how the countries of Eastern Europe are going to react to this. I know that there are economic incentives to increase business with Iran. But, keep in mind, there are business incentives to strengthen business ties with the US, and it’s much larger market. Isn’t Trump currently making an issue of European trade imbalances?

In my opinion, what we are seeing in Europe is more evidence of the stupidity of the Western European elites. They keep burying their heads in the sand, as they lose control of their own populations. And, so now, at a moment that they should be strengthening their ties with the US, they have set about to purposefully weaken them, all in an effort to do what? Make nice with Russia? Make nice with Iran? Does such a policy make sense?

Trump’s renown is rooted in American hero myths. Trump says that women like Carla Bruni lust after him, something that women like Carla Bruni vehemently deny. Trump says he is exorbitantly rich, yet Trump ran himself into the ground with his casinos to the point that he was 295 million dollars in debt in 1990. He was bailed out by the banks and by his father. The greatest myth, though, has to do with Trump’s alleged negotiating expertise. This too is nonsense. Trump was never proficient in the art of the deal. As a businessman, he paid far too much for substandard properties and has shown no patience as a politician. He isn’t curious. His preparation is nonexistent. Strategy and tactics are both foreign to him. Trump is only proficient in destruction. And that’s what he does.

He backed out of the Paris climate agreement while promising a “better deal for America.” But nothing came of the promise, neither a plan nor meaningful talks. In Trump’s Washington, the only thing that matters is dismantling the legacy of his predecessor, Barack Obama. Trump also promised to improve Obama’s health care plan, but the details are complex and bothersome. So Trump destroyed Obamacare and has done nothing to replace it.

Now, he is playing the same game on the world stage with the Iran nuclear deal. Trump refers to it as “the worst deal ever,” which is why he has now pulled the U.S. out of it. The negotiations that resulted in the deal in 2015 were a masterpiece of international diplomacy, but there are no plans in place to launch new talks.

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