The “abyss” does “beckon,” thanks to the inaction of the elites

A majority of the terror attacks committed in the West are perpetrated by individuals who are on the radar of authorities–these people are “known wolves.” Security authorities use as an excuse the fact that the number of people on theses lists are too numerous for the police to effectively monitor, given the resources available. Think about that for a second.

Imagine that you somehow cut yourself. You look for a band-aid, but the only type you have is one of those smallish band aids for a small cut. You place the little thing across the gash on your body, and you keep bleeding. What do you? Do you sit there are watch yourself bleed to death because you only have an inadequate band aid on hand? Of course not! You try something else. You find a clean rag and manufacture your own bandage. Or, perhaps, you wrap up the wound and drive to the nearest emergency room.

But not if you are a Euro-weenie! If you are, you lament your security failure and allow the same thing to happen the next time.

The elites have two choices. They can continue following their present policies, which will insure that attacks continue. Or they can develop new and more effective, if perhaps draconian, policies in an effort to change course.

If the Euro-weenies do not take action, then, at some point, the people, who will get tired of being slaughtered, will take action themselves. And that will not be pretty. That will be the “Abyss” I’ve been warning about for over a decade now.

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