Donation Drive for Belgian Jihadi

I have a story to tell that will drive many of you to tears…

In 2014 Tarik Jadaoun, a traitor and enemy combatant worthy of summary execution in each self respecting nation “Belgian”, decided to join the Junior Varsity Club called “Isis” in Syria. He trained child soldiers, killed a few people, and vowed to kill all ‘Satan Worshipers” if he were ever to return to the West. He was just following the dictates of his peaceful religion, so there’s no harm in all that.

But now something terrible happened. His organisation was disbanded and poor Tarik is now in jail, and is bound to receive a death penalty. Our friends at Amnesty International are already protesting this terrible treatment.

I’ll come to the point: the tiny nation of Belgium needs your help! Please donate to the People’s Cube. The Commissars responsible for Filling the Money Pit the financial business will make sure your contribution will be used to help free our good friend Tarik!

Comrade Minitrue

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