Starbucks New Policy 2

Starbucks is creating an official policy that allows all guests to use its cafes, including its restrooms, whether or not they make a purchase. Most of the Starbucks I have frequented in my former small town or my current suburban neighborhood do not have locks on their restroom doors. But in urban areas, and I worked for 16 years in Center City Philadelphia, if you didn’t lock your restrooms they’d be fouled up several times a day by, mostly, old, White, homeless men. And when I say fouled up, I mean to the point that they were unusable until cleaned. So now you have a problem because your paying customers CANNOT use the restrooms.

So I wish Starbucks good luck, but I pity their workers who are going to spend more time cleaning up, and I mean thus literally, shit and piss. Those doors are locked fir a reason.
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