Please cut our budgets! And guess what? They’ve been cut!

Over the last two years, this “School” has become a social justice posturing joke academy! and, apparently, some people decided NOT to go there, or to pay good money top send their kids there.

But, of course, who pays the price? The administrators who allowed the situation to develop? Of course not! The tenured faculty? Of course not! The people who lose there jobs are the adjunct, that is un-tenured faculty, and the staff people. In other words, the people in the hierarchy who suffer most, are the people in that hierarchy who have the least responsibility for what happened. And that, my friend, is what is known as “academic integrity.” I make poor decisions; you lose your job!

  • Just weeks after it announced nearly $6 million in budget cuts to cope with rapidly declining enrollment, Evergreen State College has cut dozens of faculty and staff positions, with up to 20 additional layoffs possible.
  • In a memo sent to employees on Tuesday, the school said it has trimmed the curriculum to eliminate 24 faculty lines, partly by not renewing the contracts of adjunct professors, in addition to eliminating 19 vacant staff positions.
  • Evergreen State is expecting new-student applications to decrease by as much as 20% this year, which many attribute to the student-led riots that plunged the campus into anarchy last year.

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