Stalinism at the University of Kentucky

The problem with the statement below, is that free speech, by definition, includes what some might call “hate speech.” There are not any SCOTUS decisions outlining hate speech. In fact, one of the more famous SCOTUS decisions on speech allowed Nazis to march through a Jewish neighborhood. That, be definition, was hateful, but it was allowed!

And how in the hell can one define the term “demean.” If I remark that anyone who advocates for socialism must be insane, given whats happening in Venezuela, cannot that be interpreted as demeaning by a socialist?

“There is no penalty for exercising your free speech rights on our campus,” Blaton said. “Except for reasonable restrictions necessary for university operations, our entire campus is open to free speech. But we also will not hesitate in speaking out in opposition when someone uses speech or words to hurt or harm, to demean or denigrate. And we will not hesitate to provide support to those who feel targeted by hurtful speech.”

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