It’s amazing to watch the Left fawn over the CIA and FBI

I was a college student in the late-sixties and early seventies. We did not trust organizations such as the CIA and the FBI. The latter were notorious for infiltrating and spying on Left organizations (COINTELPRO).

But then along came “Trump Derangement Syndrome” and Leftists, now deemed Progressives, suddenly began to defend the CIA and the FBI. Criticism of the FBI, something the Left had done consistently in the past, suddenly became a threat to democracy!

You get to a certain age and you are fairly certain you have seen it all. For example, I have already witnessed a man walk on the moon, a president resign, America lose a war, the space shuttle explode, the Soviet Union collapse, a president impeached, a tied presidential race, the Twin Towers fall, and a billionaire real estate magnate elected president without a lick of political or military experience. But who would have thought we would live to see the day a Donald Trump could kill off the 1960s?

That is exactly what has happened over the last ten days — Trump killed off the 1960s. Not the worst of it. The social horrors birthed in the ’60s; the fallout that never ends with drug abuse, the welfare state, and loveless sex will always be with us. You can never put evil back in the bottle.

The good things that came out of the ’60s — Trump killed almost all of that.

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