Sweden political party proposes paying Muslim refugees to leave!

Obviously, not all Swedes love their refugee neighbors.

Christian Democrats leader Ebba Busch Thor has proposed paying immigrant families a total of SEK 160,000 ($18,500) to leave Sweden. The cost of letting them stay would be much higher, she argued.

The Christian Democrats, who have fared badly in a series of recent opinion polls leading up to the general election slated for this autumn, having even fallen below the four-percent barrier in some, have come up with a series of proposal pertaining to the immigration question to attract the fleeing voters, the news outlet Samtiden reported.

The party aims to contradict the official narrative of recent decades that immigration is largely beneficial for a Swedish society that cannot survive without immigrants. The Christian Democrats, however, are prepared to pay off immigrants who have had their asylum applications rejected to make them more eager to leave the country. Otherwise, the party pointed out, a “shadow society” may emerge in Sweden.

A whole family of immigrants can thus be offered as much as SEK 160,000 ($18,500) to leave Sweden. An individual adult, however, may get as much as SEK 60,000 ($7,000).

While some found the proposal strange, as these people technically do not even have the right to be in the country, the Christian Democrats motivate their proposal that it is much more expensive to let the immigrants stay.


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