Ten dead in Congo at hands of suspected Jihadists!

At least ten people have died in an attack near the town of Mbangkoro in the Democratic Republic of Congo’s volatile region of North Kivu, on Sunday (20 May).

It was nearly 6pm when armed men in uniform started firing at inhabitants. They burned a car, killing some inside; others were wounded, as the French RFI, reported. The attackers also shot randomly, then looted shops, including a pharmacy.

The whereabouts of some nuns, also in the vehicle, are apparently still unknown.

The death toll could rise, Pastor Gilbert Kambale, the president of a coalition of civil society organisations in Beni, told RFI; he also denounced the inability of UN peacekeepers to protect civilians.

Numerous armed groups, including the radical Islamic group Muslim Defense International, formerly known as the Alliance of Democratic Forces (ADF), operate in eastern DRC.

The armed groups have been responsible for widespread violence, including murder, rape, looting and kidnapping. Catholic clerics have not been spared.


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