This is weird. Kim Jong-Un crying about his economy?

You never know what’s true and what isn’t when you’re talking about North Korea. But this is a bit different.

We shall see how this all plays out. I remember that, at the time, I doubted Gorbachev’s sincerity. I even stared calling it “Gorbaloney,” which I think was a term coined by Pat Buchanan. But Gorby was sincere, and he did start the dismantling of the Soviet Union, although that was not his intention.

A video of North Korean leader Kim Jong Un crying about his country’s terrible economy while surveying its coast is said to be making the rounds among the country’s leadership — and it could be a sign he’s ready to cave in to President Donald Trump in negotiations.

Japan’s Asahi Shinbun quoted a defector with contacts inside the country as describing a video in which a narrator explains Kim is crying that he can’t improve North Korea’s economy.

The defector reportedly said the video surfaced in April and high-ranking members of North Korea’s ruling party viewed it, possibly in an official message from Kim to the party.

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