So as the Euroweenies contemplate working with Iran to save JCPOA, Iranian diplomats assist terror plots

The Belgian federal prosecutor confirmed the opening of an investigation into a terror plot targeting the Iranian opposition conference in Paris, France, based on information from the Belgian state security agency.
The security authorities in Antwerp, northern Belgium, arrested two suspects, Anis S. (1980) and his wife Nasima N. (1984), both Belgians of Iranian origin, suspected of involvement in planning an extremist bombing attack on Saturday in Paris’ Villepint where the National Council of Resistance of Iran is currently holding its annual conference.
The couple, described by prosecutors as being “of Iranian origin”, were carrying 500 grams (about a pound) of the volatile explosive TATP along with a detonation device when an elite police squad stopped them in a residential district of Brussels.
Belgian prosecutors said an alleged accomplice was under arrest in France, while two others were released after questioning by French police.
The statement said that an Iranian diplomat at the Austrian embassy in Vienna, a contact of the couple, was also arrested in Germany.
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