Mexican Restaurant Under Fire For Racially Profiling White Girl, Offering Her Mild Hot Sauce

KLAMATH FALLS, OR—Del Pollo Gordo, a Mexican restaurant chain in the Pacific Northwest, has come under fire after a recent customer claimed she was racially profiled. Local woman Andrea Merz got on Facebook Live after ordering at the restaurant, where she claimed that the employee who took her order “just assumed” she would want “mild hot sauce” because she was a “white girl.”

“OMG. I just experienced some straight-up racism you guys. This is not OK. I just ordered a bean burrito at Del Pollo Gordo and the guy at the counter goes, ‘Hot sauce? Let me guess: mild?’ Are you kidding me right now? What year is this, man? Are we still talking to people like this? Mild hot sauce just because I’m a white girl?!” Merz shouted into her camera while sitting in her parked Volvo.
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