He, she or ze? Pronouns could pose trouble under University of Minnesota campus policy

Using the wrong pronoun could turn into a firing offense at the University of Minnesota.

The U is considering a new “gender identity” policy that would assure transgender men and women, as well as others, the right to use whatever pronoun they wish on campus — whether it’s he, she, “ze” or something else.

And everyone from professors to classmates would be expected to call them by the right words or risk potential disciplinary action, up to firing or expulsion.
— Read on m.startribune.com/he-she-or-ze-pronouns-could-pose-trouble-under-u-campus-policy/488197021/

if I consider all thing thing I CAN’T BE FIRED FOR as a tenured professor, the idea that I COULD be fired for calling someone by the ” wrong” pronoun is ridiculous.

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