Cardinal McCarrick resigns! But most priests are not child abusers, so this can’t have any connection to the Church, right?

Note that the Catholic Church abuse scandal, rightly, is attributed to the Church. Why doesn’t the media use the same methods it applies to Islam? McCarrick isn’t a “real” priest. The Cardinal isn’t a “real” Catholic. Most Catholics are not priests. And most priests are not child abusers. Ergo, this scandal has nothing to do with the Catholic Church. Right? Wrong! It has everything to do with the Church. But Jihad has everything to do with Islam.

Cardinal Theodore McCarrick, the former archbishop of Washington and longtime globe-trotting diplomat of the Catholic Church, resigned his position as a cardinal, the Vatican announced Saturday.

McCarrick, 88, was found by the church in June to be credibly accused of sexually abusing a teenager nearly 50 years ago. Since then, additional reports of sexual abuse and harassment by the cardinal, over a span of decades, have been reported. The victims include one then-minor and three adults, who were young priests or seminarians when McCarrick allegedly abused them.

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