Abe promises bulk order to Trump, ‘king of ventilators’ : The Asahi Shimbun

I predicted this a month ago. We are going to have a huge surplus. What’s the shelf life of a ventilator? Anyone know?


Prime Minister Shinzo Abe promised U.S. President Donald Trump in a phone call that Japan would purchase about 1,000 excess ventilators from the United States, according to Japanese government sources.

The bulk order is an about-face, after the government previously declined offers from Washington, maintaining it was well stocked.

“They are ready for shipping any day now,” Trump told Abe in the May 8 phone call, reportedly in a good mood over the prime minister’s pledge for the extra machines, sources said.

Just days before, Washington approached Tokyo with a sales pitch, looking to offload some of its newfound surplus of the medical equipment, but it was initially rejected.

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