Contours of Our New Civil War

If a new civil war begins, or has already begun, what will it look like? It will look like what you’re seeing in the news every day, except it will deepen and spread. Think Portland! Think Seattle! Think Chicago! Think New York! It won’t look like our last Civil War, any more than the Cold War resembled WWII. We are facing an attenuated cold civil war.

Many of our leaders do not understand the dangers that we face, and the risks that they are running. But we ought not to be surprised. In the late between 1854 and 1861, the Democrats misread the political situation and plunged the country into its bloodiest war. They did it because they saw themselves losing power and they rather risk war, and tear the nation apart, than allow themselves to lose their power.

The election in November, no matter who wins, may end it, or deepen it. Only time will tell.