From CNN: Minnesota officials say outsiders are hijacking protests and ‘attacking civil society’

The governor said he understands that “Minnesotans’ … inability to deal with inequality” and racism catalyzed the protests — but he said rough estimates indicate only 20% of protesters there are Minnesotans.

Minnesota officials say outsiders are hijacking protests and ‘attacking civil society’

The Ameriweenies at work!

Why are our urban police forces so capable of dealing with people who violate the lockdown, of trying to reopen their businesses, of violating social distancing, or daring to go maskless? But they are ordered to back down and watch looters and arsonists at work? These are the same leaders, Ameriweenies all, who imprison women who reopen beauty salons, who threaten to drag swimmers from the ocean, but who release the incarcerated lest they contract COVID-19!

And then they’ll wonder why people arm themselves.

Watch the Country Burn!

Watch the country burn! Watch Trump’s election assured! 1968 didn’t give us a Liberal president. 1968 gave us Nixon!

What’s the title of my Weblog?

What’s the title of my You Tube Channel?

THE ABYSS BECKONS! Watch it! Watch it! Watch it! Look over the edge! Look over the edge into the chasm! THE ABYSS BECKONS!

Next step? Venit bello civili!