Can’t we get more of this “diversity” here? Turkish teenager who plotted to blow up gay club in Frankfurt arrested

German police in the state of Hesse arrested a teenager in September for plotting an Islamic terror attack on a gay club and church in the city of Frankfurt.
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No! An immigrant Muslim terrorist? What a shock! Who would have guessed?

The man arrested on suspicion of carrying out a terrorist attack at the UK Parliament on Tuesday has reportedly been identified as 29-year-old Salih Khater.

The man, a Sudan-born British national, has been identified by a European security source, Reuters reports. It added he was not known to security services before Tuesday.

Remember the old Mexican man beaten by a woman with a brick? Did you assume his assailant was White? Think again, and thank the British press.

Rodolfo Rodriguez, a 92-year-old Mexican grandfather was taking a stroll around his Los Angeles neighborhood when his family says he was viciously attacked with a brick by five people.
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