Jihad comes to … Korea!!!! Syrian man arrested for promoting IS terrorism

A Syrian man has been arrested after allegedly promoting the Islamic State (IS) terrorist group and encouraging other foreign workers to be part of it, police said Friday.

According to the Incheon Metropolitan Police Agency, the man, 33, whose identity is being withheld, was arrested for allegedly violating the anti-terrorism law, which bans activities that can endanger national security and citizens’ safety.
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Body of social democratic politician Sophia Lösche found in Spain — Moroccan truck driver confesses rape and murder of “Refugee welcome” activist

Sophia Lösche, a 28-year-old German “Refugee welcome” activist, was found dead yesterday around 3.20 pm at the Egino gas station in the community of Asparrena in Álava, Spain. For a week, nothing was known about her whereabouts since she boarded a truck with Moroccan truck license plates in Schkeuditz, East Germany. She hitchhiked to her hometown Bamberg, about 260 kilometers south. A Civil Guard traffic control stopped the truck on Tuesday on a road near the Spanish city of Bailén in Jaén. He wanted to go to the Strait of Gibraltar, take a ferry and get off in Morocco, where he wanted to protect himself from European justice.
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Macron is losing control over Islam-dominated no-go areas in France, asks public for help

In a speech for 600 business and political guests in May, Macron called on the local mayors themselves – together with the population – to find suitable solutions, for the problems in France’s 1,500 no-go areas or ‘sensitive areas’ as France calls them.

Many mayors were struck by Macron’s speech. They had expected concrete political guidelines. Macron’s proposals are a long way from the ambitious strategy for the sensitive zones that former minister Jean-Louis Borloo had previously developed and published on behalf of Macron.

Instead, Macron passed the buck: not he, but his predecessors have caused today’s problems. All solutions designed from above have failed, so they must come from below. He called for a “general mobilisation” of the population, organising itself to save the nation.

In terms of security, Macron called for a “society of vigilance”. If you look away, if there are problems in your environment, you become an accomplice. Although this happens sometimes out of fear (in the focal areas), but it is up to the people themselves to set boundaries.

He announced that by 2020, there will be 1,300 additional police officers in 60 sensitive neighbourhoods. Everyone can report problems on a central website. An estimated six million people – about one tenth of the French population live in the 1,500 neighbourhoods that the government classifies as sensitive areas.
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Sounds familiar! French police thwarted an attack on a Paris swingers club

It was revealed just hours after police sources said two men had been charged on suspicion of planning an attack in the name of Islamic State which may have targeted gay people.

Sources close to the probe said the men, described as friends aged 21 and 22, were arrested Saturday in the Seine-et-Marne region east of Paris.

Searches found two knives, a detonation system and IS propaganda material in their possession, a source said.
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PATHETIC! London Manhunt After One-Year-Old Baby, Woman Stabbed in Broad Daylight

London’s Metropolitan Police released a mugshot for Rehan Khan Tuesday afternoon, warning members of the public “do not approach”. In a statement, the force said the man they wished to trace “has links to Newham, Slough and Hammersmith & Fulham”.

At the time of the statement Tuesday afternoon, the one-year-old boy remained in critical condition. No arrests have yet been made.
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