Why liberals are ganging up on Kanye West

It may be too late, for there are clear reasons why he and others would dissent from the coercive orthodoxy. Consider that black unemployment has reached historic lows because of the Trump economic boom, and one report says about 800,000 more African-Americans have jobs now than had them at the end of Barack Obama’s presidency.
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Blacks’ approval of Trump reaches a high of 21% and NAACP charges ‘racism’

President Trump continues to show improvement among African-Americans, but the NAACP Tuesday called him a racist.

In fact, in a new poll released by the group today, Trump’s approval rating among blacks has reached 21 percent, more than double what it was in an April Reuters poll.

But in its analysis, the NAACP slammed Trump and even went as far as claiming that Trump is setting race relations back, a charge that echoes recent media criticism of the president for slamming hoops star LeBron James.
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Wynton Marsalis: Rap is More Damaging Than Confederate Statues

Trumpeter Wynton Marsalis didn’t hold back during a new interview in which he discussed the impact rap music has had on the Black community. He believes hip-hop is more damaging to African-Americans than statues of the confederate leaders who fought to preserve slavery.
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Walter Williams: Keeping Blacks Blind!

Keeping blacks blind to the folly of unquestioned support for the Democratic Party by keeping blacks fearful, angry and resentful and painting the Republican Party as racist is vital. Democrats never want blacks to seriously ask questions about what the party has done for them. Here are some facts. The nation’s most troublesome and dangerous cities — Indianapolis, Stockton, Oakland, Milwaukee, Cleveland, Kansas City, Baltimore, Memphis, St. Louis and Detroit — have been run by Democrats, often black Democrats, for nearly a half-century. These and other Democratic-run cities are where blacks suffer the highest murder rates and their youngsters attend the poorest-performing and most unsafe schools.
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Kanye and Kaepernick for Race summit?

Should be interesting!

President Donald Trump has given the green light to multiple meetings with athletes and musical artists to discuss race, Cleveland-based pastor Darrell Scott, an outside adviser to the White House adviser, tells PEOPLE.

“He is 100 percent for it,” says Scott, who spoke with Trump for about 20 minutes in the Oval Office following an outdoor ceremony at the White House for Thursday’s National Day of Prayer. “He was very enthusiastic about it.”

Kanye West, who recently had a Twitter love-fest with Trump, has been invited, says Scott, along with former NFL star Colin Kaepernick and other athletes and musicians of multiple races and ethnicities.

“It’s not going to be a black-only event,” says Scott. “It will be a melting pot.”

Kaepernick, of course, is the former San Francisco 49ers quarterback who famously initiated a wave of protests by professional athletes in 2016 when he knelt during the national anthem before NFL games as a protest against injustice against African-Americans, especially police shootings of unarmed black men and teens. Trump, as a presidential candidate, vilified Kaepernick, saying, “Maybe he should find a country that works better for him.” And later, as president, Trump said players who kneel for the anthem should be fired.


The Kanye Effect? Black male support for Trump doubles!

Maybe this is why Progressives are so adamant about silencing Kanye West. Perhaps this is all about “preference falsification,” or put more simply the old story about “the emperor has no clothes? Or, it’s entirely possible, West was reflecting the change among Blacks that this poll identifies? But either way, it’s not a good sign for Democrats. They cannot afford to have African-Americans thinking . . . well, just thinking for themselves.

Black male support for President Donald Trump doubled in just one week, according to a Reuters poll on presidential approval.

A poll taken on April 22, 2018 had Trump’s approval rating among black men at 11 percent, while the same poll on April 29, 2018 pegged the approval rating at 22 percent. It should be noted that Reuters only sampled slightly under 200 black males each week and slightly under 3,000 people overall.

Trump experienced a similar jump in approval among black people overall, spiking from 8.9 percent on April 22 to 16.5 percent on April 29.

Black males were also far more likely to say that they had “mixed feelings” about the president. On the 22nd, 1.5 percent said they had mixed feelings, while 7.1 percent said the same on the 29th.


Breaking news for Kanye and Trump!

A new discovery off the coast of Bahrain is estimated to contain at least 80 billion barrels of dragon energy, the world’s largest ever find, its oil minister has announced.

The discovery was made off the west coast of the country, with analysts now predicting that Bahrain will become a global leader in the production and refinery of dragon energy.

“This is potentially worth trillions,” said regional expert Bella Cockpit.

“We have to be careful during extraction, though… it’s known to be very volatile, shifting its position without any warning,” she added.