Here’s the surest sign that the Demmies will come up short in November! Palestinian Leaders Bet Future on Trump Impeachment

Palestinian leaders are betting their future on President Donald Trump being impeached by Democrats following the mid-term elections, according to Arabic language comments by a senior Palestinian government leader who praised Special Counsel Robert Mueller for targeting Trump and his top allies
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Hamas Terrorist At Gaza Border Surprised To Hear Media Describe Him As Peaceful Protester

It’s a shame that this is a parody, because it’s actually true. Western media portray these people as peaceful protestors, while at the same time the Hamas leadership makes it clear that the vast majority of those killed were Hamas operatives.

GAZA STRIP—A member of militant terror group Hamas who had been attempting to breach the Israeli border after the opening of the U.S. embassy in Jerusalem confessed he was surprised to hear dozens of U.S. media outlets describe him as a “peaceful protester,” sources confirmed.

The aggressive “soldier of Allah,” who has declared he will not rest until Israel has been wiped off the face of the earth, admitted he wasn’t quite sure how to take the news that Western media had labeled him an innocent family man and unwitting victim of Israeli aggression.

“Frankly, I want to get in there and kill as many of the evil occupiers as I can,” he told reporters as he hid among women and children after hurling rocks and rolling burning tires toward Israeli soldiers stationed at the border. “So to be called a ‘peaceful demonstrator’ was a little off-putting. Don’t I deserve more credit for my efforts?”

“It’s kind of embarrassing, really. What if my family sees that?” he added.

At publishing time, the Hamas terrorist had been surprised to learn the media had called him an “unarmed” demonstrator, in spite of the fact that he had clearly been armed with several weapons during the protest.

All these reports are “fake news”—Dozens killed in Gaza as US Embassy opens in Jerusalem

At least 772 protesters were wounded, including 86 in serious or critical condition.

True enough! But the linkage in the story of the Gaza border protests with the embassy opening is bogus. If Trump had left the embassy in Tel Aviv, Hamas would still be running these protests, which will peak tomorrow with the “celebration” of the Nakba!
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Palestinians die in protests! This isn’t a tragedy. It’s a planned, desired outcome by the Palestinians

This is exactly what they wanted: trade lives to keep the MSM focus on them, and not the US embassy opening. They knew these people would get killed. And it’s largely working.

At least 37 Palestinians have been killed and 1,300 wounded by Israeli troops in clashes on the Gaza border, Palestinian officials say.

Pallywood at it again

The Palestinians have long been experts at manufacturing videos that make the Israelis look bad. They use “journalists” to make their pitch, and the Western media eagerly buys it. Eventually, the truth emerges, but these follow up items never displace the negative response elicited by the original propaganda.

Footage of Palestinian protesters faking injuries and using children as human shields in border riots was released by the IDF Saturday night. 

One clip shows a group of Gazans carrying a supposedly wounded demonstrator on a stretcher (see above), but towards the end of the clip, the demonstrator falls off the stretcher and gets up completely unharmed and walks.

“Throughout Hamas’s activity, fake injuries and the exploitation of women and children are rampant,” the IDF said in a tweet.

“This was all intended to disguise terror activity, including hurling explosives & grenades, attempted infiltrations, & burning Israeli land.”

In another clip, children as young as five and six are seen rolling tires and hurling rocks. They are also shown being taken by the hand by older rioters to be used as cover, or human shields.

OMG! “Peace process” endangered by Trump!

Hey! Let’s get real. I’m 66 years old. I’ve lived with this “peace process” for fifty years! Year in, year out, I’m always being warned about something endangering “the peace process.”

I concluded long ago that “the peace process,” whatever it might actually be, is not a “peace process” at all. It’s posturing by the players for international support.

The move overturns decades of international consensus on Jerusalem, a highly contested city, half of which was occupied and annexed by Israel following the 1967 War.

Israel claims all of Jerusalem as its “united” capital, and its annexation of East Jerusalem effectively put the entire city under de-facto Israeli control. The Palestinians, however, see East Jerusalem as the capital of their future state.

The international community, including the US, does not recognise Israel’s jurisdiction and ownership of the city.

Palestinians say that moving the embassy would prejudge one of the most sensitive issues in the conflict – the status of Jerusalem – and undermine the US’ status as an honest mediator.

President Abbas has warned that the move would have a “disastrous impact on the peace process, on the two-state solution and on the stability and security of the entire region”.