Yesterday’s reports on Saudi allowing Christian churches was “fake news”!

The Vatican has denied reports that it entered into an agreement with the government of Saudi Arabia to build Christian churches in the country.

On Friday, Breitbart News commented on a recent report by the Egypt Independent newspaper that for the first time in history, Saudi Arabia had signed a joint agreement with the Vatican to build churches for Christians living in the officially Muslim nation. (The online page containing that report is no longer available.)

The Egypt Independent had declared that the accord had been signed by the Secretary-General of the Muslim World League Sheikh Mohammed bin Abdel Karim Al-Issa and Cardinal Jean-Louis Tauran, the president of the Pontifical Council for Interreligious Dialogue in the Vatican, while the Financial Express added that Saudi Arabia’s newfound openness to socio-cultural cooperation with the non-Muslim world would have stemmed from a desire to reduce dependency on oil resources, its primary economic driver.

On Saturday, however, Vatican spokesman Greg Burke told Breitbart News that no such agreement has been reached.

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Saudis prepare for women on the roads!

My own view is that this reform is driven, pardon then pun, by the reality that quite soon, because of the loss of oil revenues, Saudi women are going to have to work! And if they have to work, they have to be able to get to work. Hence the “reform” to “allow” them to drive.

JEDDAH: No sooner had the announcement been made in September 2017 that Saudi women would be free to drive in Saudi Arabia from June 2018 than many of world’s largest car manufacturers began to target them with advertisements.

In addition, driving schools for women were set up in the Kingdom for the first time, while motor insurance companies made plans to target the new female market, and ca maintenance workshops for women are being offered.

Five Saudi universities have launched driving schools for women: Princess Nourah Bint Abdulrahman University in Riyadh, King Abdul Aziz University in Jeddah, Tabuk University, Taif University and Imam Muhammad ibn Saud Islamic University.

The Saudi Driving School, at Princess Nourah University, the first for women in the capital, was launched in partnership with the Emirates Driving Institute in Dubai, an established driving school in the region.

The first motor insurance center for women in the Kingdom officially opened for business on May 1, 2018. The Salama Insurance office, at Salama Tower in Jeddah, is run by an all-female staff.

Extremist ideologies must be countered, says Muslim World League chief

Islam forbids the targeting of civilians? Where?

Western laws of war, which developed recently, in historical terms, established the categories of combatants and non-combatants. The Qur’an divides people by religion–Muslims and non-Muslims. If you are a non-Muslim, and you are at war with Muslims, you have no protections. If you are a woman or a child, you may be spared, but enslaved.

To be fair, until the period after the Thirty Years War the West was little better. Our concepts of warfare are recent (since the seventeenth century) and Western! The Islamic world often wages war under the concepts outlined not by the Europeans of the Enlightenment, but by what’s written in the Qur’an and by the model of the Prophet Muhammad as a military leader.

That’s why groups such as ISIS manage to sell their concept of warfare (terror) around the world. Their arguments are based on Scripture, not the interpretations of Imams such as Mohammed bin Abdul Karim Al-Issa.

Terrorists, extremists and those with political agendas should not be allowed to exploit religion and to distort religious texts to serve their own narrow self-interests.
So said the secretary-general of the Muslim World League (MWL), Mohammed bin Abdul Karim Al-Issa, in a speech at a gala organized by the Washington Institute for Near East Studies in Washington on Thursday.
Al-Issa joined Robert Satloff, the executive director of the Washington Institute, on a panel where he was questioned about the best way to counter violent extremism.
Asked about whether he agrees with the notion of a “moderate Islam”, Al-Issa said that it is important to acknowledge that there are extremist Muslims who have distorted the moderate and tolerant essence of true Islam.
He added that all that extremist ideologies must be countered, including Islamophobia. Daesh is the biggest beneficiary of Islamophobia because it allows it to recruit more followers, he added.
He also said that Islam unequivocally forbids the targeting of civilians “anywhere on earth.”

U.S. To Become World’s Top Oil Exporter; We secure national victimhood status!

Remember when we were importing everyone else’s oil? We were “stealing” their resources. We were exploiting them. Okay. So now WE are exporting our resources. It follows that WE are now victims of exploitation.

Saudi Arabia may soon lose its crown as the world’s top oil exporter, with U.S. crude discounts providing a tremendous opportunity for traders and purchasers
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