Starbucks Employees Fear New Rules Will Turn Coffee Shop Into Homeless Camp. And they will in urban centers!

Now that political correctness has forced the coffee chain Starbucks into allowing anybody, whether they are a paying customer or not, to use their restrooms, employees fear that the neighborhood hangout could soon become a free-for-all homeless encampment.
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Starbucks New Policy 2

Starbucks is creating an official policy that allows all guests to use its cafes, including its restrooms, whether or not they make a purchase. Most of the Starbucks I have frequented in my former small town or my current suburban neighborhood do not have locks on their restroom doors. But in urban areas, and I worked for 16 years in Center City Philadelphia, if you didn’t lock your restrooms they’d be fouled up several times a day by, mostly, old, White, homeless men. And when I say fouled up, I mean to the point that they were unusable until cleaned. So now you have a problem because your paying customers CANNOT use the restrooms.

So I wish Starbucks good luck, but I pity their workers who are going to spend more time cleaning up, and I mean thus literally, shit and piss. Those doors are locked fir a reason.
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Starbucks’ new policy

I knew a woman who opened a nice coffee shop/eatery in a good location. She had no rules requiring people to buy anything, not only to use her restrooms, but to occupy her tables and use her free WIFI. I’d go into the place and there’d be no place to sit. I’d see the same people sitting at her tables everyday, all day. My ex-wife told me her store was failing. I wasn’t surprised. I told her she needed to come up with some policy to get these losers out of her place. One guy would buy a cup of tea, spread out his laptop and papers over one of her large tables, and stay there for hours. She went bankrupt in the end. And those dead beats killed her business.

Starbucks Exec Schultz: Bathrooms Open To Everyone After 2 Black Men Arrested « CBS Philly

It’s a nice gesture, but having worked in Center City Philadelphia, all I can say is I wouldn’t want to be responsible for keeping the restrooms clean, and useable by patrons. The issue isn’t racial. Most of the people who will foul up the bathrooms are White–and homeless. I’ve seen customers come out of a restroom used by a homeless dude, with violent dry heaves. And that’s only a homeless guy who simply uses the restroom. Then you get the ones, like I did, who take a shit and repaint the facility with their feces. I’d like to see Schulz tackle that one.

Starbucks Exec Schultz: Bathrooms Open To Everyone After 2 Black Men Arrested « CBS Philly
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Imam! Go to Starbucks and go to hell!

Why? Is he supporting the Black boycott? Hell no! It’s because Starbucks supports the LGBT community! Allah is such a merciful  fellow. File under “religion of peace.”

A popular preacher is under fire on Twitter for saying Muslims who buy from Starbucks will go to hell.

In a 52-minute video uploaded by Islamic channel Fodamara TV on Youtube, Abdul Somad, the preacher in question, says that Muslims will be thrown into hell if they buy from Starbucks, as the coffee shop openly supports the lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender (LGBT) community.

He made the statement when answering a question from a member of the audience on whether Muslims are allowed to buy from a café that supports LGBT rights.

He said: “In the afterlife […] the angels will ask the [LGBT community], ‘How did [your community] grow so big?’  [The LGBT community] will respond, ‘Because of the donations [given to us]. ‘Who gave you the donations?’  ‘Those who are in heaven.'”

God will pull out those who are in heaven and throw them into hell for donating to Starbucks, he added.