Why we cannot simply assume those accused of rape are guilty. Two dead as a result of a bogus rape charge

The heartbroken mum of a teenager who took his own life after being accused of rape before the report was withdrawn has been found hanged in her family home.

The family of grief-stricken Karin Cheshire, 55, said she ‘could not see a future’ without son Jay Cheshire, 17, who took his own life after allegations of rape were made against him.

The complaint was withdrawn after two weeks but were said to have deeply affected Jay.

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Armageddon! Record low Hispanic unemployment!

The national seasonally-adjusted unemployment rate for Hispanics and Latinos in the U.S. labor force fell to the lowest level on record in September of 2018, U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) data released Friday show.

In September, the unemployment rate for Hispanics and Latinos, aged 16 and up, was 4.5%, tying July 2018 for the lowest level since the BLS began tracking Hispanic-Latino employment data in 1973.

Matt Redman Forced To Change Name To More Politically Correct ‘Matt Native American’ | The Babylon Bee

BRIGHTON, ENGLAND—After internet mobs began relentlessly attacking Matt Redman for his “racially insensitive” last name, the singer has come forward to announce that he will be changing his name to “Matt Native American” to avoid the negative stereotypes associated with his previous surname.
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