Abe promises bulk order to Trump, ‘king of ventilators’ : The Asahi Shimbun

I predicted this a month ago. We are going to have a huge surplus. What’s the shelf life of a ventilator? Anyone know?


Prime Minister Shinzo Abe promised U.S. President Donald Trump in a phone call that Japan would purchase about 1,000 excess ventilators from the United States, according to Japanese government sources.

The bulk order is an about-face, after the government previously declined offers from Washington, maintaining it was well stocked.

“They are ready for shipping any day now,” Trump told Abe in the May 8 phone call, reportedly in a good mood over the prime minister’s pledge for the extra machines, sources said.

Just days before, Washington approached Tokyo with a sales pitch, looking to offload some of its newfound surplus of the medical equipment, but it was initially rejected.

Chinese Troops Cross Into India, Fortify Positions

It’s not only Hong Kong. It’s not only the South China Sea. It’s not only Tibet. It’s not only Xinjiang and it’s concentration camps for Uiygers, it’s also the border with India. But China’s not a threat. China’s not using the COVID crisis as a screen for it’s moves. Keep your eyes glued on … RUSSIA! that’s the ticket! Russian collusion.


The CDC Equates with “Experts,” Right?

Most people are more likely to wind up six feet under because of almost anything else under the sun other than COVID-19.

The CDC just came out with a report that should be earth-shattering to the narrative of the political class, yet it will go into the thick pile of vital data and information about the virus that is not getting out to the public. For the first time, the CDC has attempted to offer a real estimate of the overall death rate for COVID-19, and under its most likely scenario, the number is 0.26%. Officials estimate a 0.4% fatality rate among those who are symptomatic and project a 35% rate of asymptomatic cases among those infected, which drops the overall infection fatality rate (IFR) to just 0.26% — almost exactly where Stanford researchers pegged ita month ago.

Until now, we have been ridiculed for thinking the death rate was that low, as opposed to the 3.4% estimate of the World Health Organization, which helped drive the panic and the lockdowns. Now the CDC is agreeing to the lower rate in plain ink.

Plus, ultimately we might find out that the IFR is even lower because numerous studies and hard counts of confined populations have shown a much higher percentage of asymptomatic cases. Simply adjusting for a 50% asymptomatic rate would drop their fatality rate to 0.2% – exactly the rate of fatality Dr. John Ionnidis of Stanford University projected.

What about Dr. Fauci? He’s an expert, right?

Stay-at-home orders intended to curb the spread of the coronavirus could end up causing “irreparable damage” if imposed for too long, White House health advisor Dr. Anthony Fauci told CNBC on Friday.
“I don’t want people to think that any of us feel that staying locked down for a prolonged period of time is the way to go,” Fauci said during an interview with CNBC’s Meg Tirrell on “Halftime Report.”

Security forces open fire on thirsty protesters in SW Iran – Iran News Wire


–Iranian security forces attacked and opened fire on thirsty locals who were protesting the lack of drinking water in their homes in southwestern Iran. According to local reports, running water in the Gheyzaniyeh rural district located in the Khuzestan province has been cut off by local officials in the past few days.–

Protesters block road with burning tires.

BBC News: Hong Kong police fire tear gas as protesters decry China security law plan

What’s disturbing about this story, us that I couldn’t find any mention of it at the South China Morning Post site. The SCMP is published IN Hong Kong! This suggests to me that the fears if the coming CHICOM crackdown in HK is already having an effect.

BBC News – Hong Kong police fire tear gas as protesters decry China security law plan https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/world-asia-china-52786734

France allows religious gatherings to resume

It’s not only Trump! The French are also allowing religious services.

“The ministry said late on Friday that it would issue a decree setting out the new rules for religious gatherings.

Under the decree, a ban on gatherings imposed in March, as part of government efforts to contain the spread of the coronavirus, would be rescinded. But collective worship would have to observe conditions, including the wearing of masks, a distance of at least one metre between worshippers and hand-washing, the ministry said in a statement.

The French government relaxed some of its lockdown restrictions earlier this month, but did not ease the ban on collective worship. That prompted complaints from faith groups, which said they were being treated unfairly.

The ministry statement said it expected worship to resume from the start of June, but that in some cases faith groups could worship together once the new rules were published, which it said would be ‘in the coming hours.'”