Perfect example of the dangers of intersectionality!!!!

This Imam links Women’s rights to the impact of Western imperial expansion–colonialism! Note how well he plays the Progressive “colonial victim card,” but here his intention is to use it to resist what he sees as a Western concept–Feminism!

So how will Progressives handle this? Do you side with the oppressed victim of Western imperialism? Or do you support feminist ideals? You actually cannot do both without appearing inconsistent. The term cognitive dissonance comes to mind.

Ashraf Nusairat: “The issue of women’s freedom, equality, and rights is foreign to Islam. It has nothing to do with Islam. It is a product of the human mind. When human beings legislate laws, they make mistakes. This is why women in the West began to demand their rights.

Couples and ‘prostitutes’ publicly whipped in front of Indonesian mosque. File under “moderate Islam”

Three unmarried couples accused of “flirtatious behaviour” also received between 11 and 22 strokes.

Shariah police wanted to convict the couples of “zina” – unlawful sexual intercourse that includes sex outside marriage and adultery – which would have resulted in a greater number of lashes, but they lacked enough witnesses.

One of the two women convicted of prostitution held up her hands after the fifth lash to signal that the pain was too intense.

After a quick break she was given a drink and painfully lashed another six times.

Members of the crowd, which included tourists from Malaysia, cheered enthusiastically at each blow and recorded the punishment with their smartphones.
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